Fenris Announces Partnership with Sureify

Collaboration will elevate life insurance through use of live event alerts to further engagement opportunities

Richmond, VA – June 7, 2022 – Fenris Digital (Fenris), an insurance data sourcing innovator providing a suite of API-delivered, SOC 2 compliant products, is pleased to announce a new partnership with enterprise life insurance platform Sureify to deliver Life Events Monitoring and Alerts (LEMA) to users of Sureify’s LifetimeENGAGE to increase customer interaction and, ultimately, satisfaction.

The new collaboration will make Fenris Life Event Monitoring and Alerts available on Sureify’s LifetimeENGAGE, a platform that helps carriers and agents foster lifelong relationships with policyholders, driving health and wellness initiatives, purchasing decisions, financial education and more. By making Fenris’ LEMA available through its platform, Sureify’s carrier and broker customers will be provided with real-time alerts about changes in the life of policyholders that would warrant a review of current coverage. 

“The lives of our clients’ policyholders are changing faster than ever. Insurance providers need to be aware of these changes in real time so they can engage with their customers at exactly the right moments,” said Sureify COO, Ryan Swanson, “By integrating with Fenris, we’re investing to ensure that, through our clients, modern policyholders’ needs are being almost proactively met, which is immense.”

“Data is at the heart of a carrier’s engagement practices that lead to informed agents guiding policyholders along the customer lifecycle,” said Jennifer Linton, CEO and Founder of Fenris, “Working with Sureify to make our real-time alerts available to the life insurance space will give agents, brokers, and carriers the insight they need at the right time to nurture their relationship with policyholders.”

Fenris utilizes data repositories of 255+ million adults, 130+ million households, 30+ million small businesses, and complete coverage of all properties in the U.S. to enable better customer acquisition for traditional, innovative, and embedded insurance providers. Using Fenris’ Life Event Monitoring and Alerts improves engagement, increases retention rates, leads to business growth through real-time alerts to prompt outreach to policyholders.

About Fenris

Fenris Digital (Fenris) is an insurance data sourcing innovator delivering a suite of API-delivered, SOC2 compliant products which leverage well-established, proprietary data repositories for Predictive Scoring, Data Enrichment and Pre-fill, and Life Event Monitoring & Alerts (LEMA), to enable modern customer acquisition workflows across auto, home, life, and small commercial lines. For more information, please visit www.fenrisd.com.

About Sureify

Sureify’s mission is to modernize the life insurance industry by helping carriers acquire, service, and engage their customers with one enterprise platform: Lifetime. Sureify enables omnichannel sales with LifetimeACQUIRE, a product that drives placement rates via quoting, e-application, automated underwriting, and new business transmission. With LifetimeSERVICE, insurers are offering their in-force customers comprehensive self-service portals and native applications. Lastly, LifetimeENGAGE fosters a lifelong relationship between carriers and their policyholders with multifaceted engagement programs and analytics, leading to greater lifetime value of each policyholder. Visit www.sureify.com to learn more.

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