Ex-Esurance Executive Forms WC Insurance Startup Named Pie

John Swigart, the former chief marketing executive at online auto insurer Esurance, has formed Pie Insurance , a Washington, DC-based startup looking to offer workers’ compensation insurance directly to small businesses. As easy as pie. As analytical as 3.14159265359….

This is John:

Pie Insurance, incorporated in May 1, 2017, is designed to offer a completely new workers’ compensation insurance experience for small business owners, with plans to leverage hard-core data analytics to make the process easy and more affordable.

Also, in terms of ‘timelines’, Pie will initially begin offering workers’ compensation insurance policies to small business owners in IL, in early 2018. Last, it is backed by Sirius Group, which at one point in time was owned by White Mountains Insurance Group, which completed the sale of Esurance and Answer Financial to Allstate in 2011. And aren’t you glad we got that out of the way?

PS. Recall newish WC insurtech players here.