EMC Forms Partnership With Stealthy DAIS Technology

Following their initial investment in late 2016, Des Moines-based insurer EMC Insurance announced a strategic partnership with DAIS Technology .



“Independent agents bring real value and knowledge to the insurance value chain. By investing in technologies like what DAIS is developing, we equip our agents with the tools necessary to differentiate them in the marketplace, strengthen their client relationships and provide top-shelf service in the technology age” – EMC Senior Vice President – Chief Analytics Officer, Ian Asplund.


Dais, established in 2016 with $5M in funding, plans to launch a connected network designed to help insurance agents advance their digital capabilities, create internal efficiencies, identify new growth opportunities and provide additional value-added service to policyholders. The patent-pending technology links insurance carriers, agents and policyholders in one streamlined network.


Last, the Chicago-based business is led by Jason Kolb and Milos Dedovic; to name two.