DigitalOwl partners with RGA

DigitalOwl, a startup offering a solution for analyzing and summarizing medical records, is partnering with RGA “to strengthen and streamline the underwriting process.”

DigitalOwl’s Digital Underwriting Abstract includes over 50 Key Impairment Analyses that groups essential information for each impairment into a comprehensive summary. The partnership with RGA will make the KIA for each condition “even more valuable” to underwriters and claims professionals as the key data points will now be “100% aligned with underwriting manuals,” such as RGA’s Global Underwriting Manual. Additionally, DigitalOwl will expand its structured data file to include each of these data points, delivering a more efficient ingestion process for rules engines and for clients to utilize for mortality and morbidity analysis of inforce blocks.

“DigitalOwl’s mission is to support underwriters and claims analysts by using technology to help them be both more efficient and more accurate in their decisions. Our partnership with RGA will take our product to the next level by ensuring we’re extracting and presenting exactly the data points required for accurate decisions. There really is no other product quite like ours in the market.” – Jennifer Richards, VP Life Insurance at DigitalOwl.

“RGA is deeply committed to the advancement of digitization and automation to expedite the utilization of EMRs and other digital underwriting data and non-digital assets. DigitalOwl’s ability to digitize both EMR data and traditional APSs is a giant leap forward in this quest. We are excited to partner with our clients to leverage this tool to gain new efficiencies and underwriting insights.” – Dave Rengachary, SVP, Head of Underwriting, U.S. Mortality Markets, RGA.

“RGA has dedicated many years to understanding the complex landscape of digital health data. This knowledge and experience uniquely positions us to work with partners to further refine their products to satisfy the underwriting use case and to deliver to the market a long-awaited digital solution.” – Maria Beaulieu, VP, Digital Underwriting Transformation, Strategic Underwriting Initiatives, RGA.