Nationwide partners with DigitalOwl

Nationwide is partnering with DigitalOwl, a startup offering a solution for analyzing and summarizing medical records.

DigitalOwl’s platform enables the processing and analysis of “vast volumes” of medical records, including both conventional and electronic health records. The solution is designed for life underwriters to navigate medical documents by organizing the critical information needed to thoroughly assess the holistic view of an applicant’s medical history.

“By partnering with DigitalOwl, Nationwide is bringing in an engaging AI technology for our underwriters that ultimately benefits our potential members. This partnership perfectly aligns with our commitment to digitalization, automation and the use of generative AI in the life underwriting process.” – Erin McClintock, Director of Underwriting Innovation for Nationwide’s Life insurance business.

“We are excited to partner with Nationwide. By adopting DigitalOwl’s innovative technology, Nationwide is not only stepping boldly into the future of AI but doing so responsibly. We’re proud to support them in this journey, ensuring that their move towards advanced technology is both strategic and sustainable.” – Yuval Man, Co-Founder and CEO at DigitalOwl.