DAIS Announces the Public Launch of Its Unified Small Commercial Solution

Chicago, IL – Nov. 14, 2019 – Insurance technology company DAIS, today announced the public launch of its Unified Small Commercial Solution which provides multiple channels to allow agents to connect to any carrier they work with and profitably write small-premium commercial policies.

The Unified Small Commercial Solution provides agents with two ways to write small commercial business, including an agency portal and a CSR co-pilot. The agency portal gives agencies a front door to accept new business, and the the CSR co-pilot provides them with a cloud-based productivity and collaboration tool to help them write business faster, more profitably, and with unparalleled connectivity to their carriers.

For carriers, the Unified Small Commercial Solution provides several ways to connect, so that every company can participate. It contains connectivity to their rating API, a developer-friendly cloud-based rating engine, specialized rating plans, and a cloud-based underwriting collaboration portal.

“Small commercial is a hot area in the industry right now because there’s huge volume and yet it’s very hard to make profitable. We wouldn’t have entered this market unless we felt that we could do it better,” said Jason Kolb, CEO of DAIS. “ The insurance industry generally moves pretty slowly, and the problem that nobody else has solved yet is that of meeting insurance companies where they are at in terms of their technical capabilities,” said Kolb. “We called this our Unified Small Commercial Solution because it really does bring the agents and carriers they depend on together so that they can grow into the future along side each other.”

The Internet of Insurance is an insurance distribution network that has been in operation for almost 2 years and is live with hundreds of agents and over 60 carriers. In addition, it has created partnerships with 11 state Big I Associations to help deploy and launch the network. DAIS has an Underwriter Innovation Council with 15 carriers who are actively involved in guiding the product development of the Internet of Insurance and it takes their input very seriously.

“The Unified Commercial Strategy can succeed where others have failed is because it is built on the Internet of Insurance to provide the human path that is critical to the proper functioning of the entire lifecycle. There is a huge segment of business that will never be fully automated so it’s extremely important to us that we support the human path in addition to technology-based automation,” said Kolb.

The Unified Small Commercial Solution is currently going live with a small group of agents, with more being onboarded in December, and nationwide availability slated for the first quarter of 2020. “The first group of agents is made up of agency leaders who are driving change for the benefit of the entire ecosystem,” said Kolb.

“We spent the last few years doing the heavy lifting—getting in the trenches with producers, CSRs, and underwriters to understand their pain points, how to augment them with technology, and building those capabilities into the Internet of Insurance. Modern technology sped right past these users, who are the beating heart of the insurance industry and should not be ignored. Now we have highly-skilled insurance professionals who are using cloud technology to do things they have never been able to before,” said Kolb.

For more information about DAIS and its Unified Small Commercial Solution, visit dais.com

About DAIS Technology, Inc.

Chicago-based DAIS is an insurtech startup committed to bringing the insurance industry into the 21st century. Its primary focus is connecting agencies and carriers with an advanced software platform purpose-built to handle the complexity of insurance. DAIS has a simple vision—a day in which agents, carriers, and policyholders are connected in real-time through a digital network making risk transfer instant, effortless, and profitable.