Daimler Truck Financial Services partners with HDVI

In August of last year, Daimler Trucks North America participated in the Series B round of trucking insurance company HDVI.

In the funding announcement, Richard Howard, president and CEO of Daimler Truck Financial Services North America & Asia, said that the company is looking forward to working with HDVI to bring “innovative connected insurance solutions” to Daimler Trucks customers and the broader transportation industry.

Now, Daimler Truck Financial Services is introducing Freightliner Dynamic Insurance, a telematics-based insurance product powered by HDVI.

Using telematics data from ELDs and dash cameras, users can earn discounts each month based on safety improvements. The service lets fleets set safety goals and benchmark metrics. It also offers tools such as a fleet portal, HDVI Fleet Services insights, and dashboards that guide fleets toward safe driving and lower premiums.

The coverage is currently available in 17 states.