CSS to invest 50 million in startups

CSS Insurance is the first Swiss health insurer to set up its own venture fund to invest in startups in the health market. The fund is built up with surpluses from the supplementary insurance business and amounts to 50 million francs.

The aim is to make the medical care of tomorrow accessible to the insured through innovative offers. “With our own venture fund, we are playing a pioneering role in the Swiss market. Our goal is to create added value for our customers and to anticipate and meet their needs even better.” – Philomena Colatrella, CEO of CSS Insurance.

Targeted investments are to be made in startups that advance the healthcare system through new and digital technologies in the areas of prevention, recovery, care and special care. The focus is on telemedicine, early diagnosis as well as digital therapies and tools for the chronically ill.

Its first investment has already been made as it invested in ETH spin-off Pregnolia that develops a measurement process to better estimate the risk of premature birth.