CSS Launches Digital Counselor on Illness

CSS Versicherung launches a digital guide that allows customers to systematically query disease symptoms and receive a treatment recommendation within a short time. Developed by medical specialists and medical informatics, myGuide provides a safe and cost-free orientation aid in case of illness. Data protection is guaranteed at all times.


CSS Versicherung wants to support its customers in health issues quickly and easily. That’s why CSS launches myGuide, a digital and free guide, available at www.css.ch/myguideor in the customer portal myCSS. myGuide systematically interrogates disease symptoms and provides a treatment recommendation. The guidebook supports CSS customers in particular with the question of whether they should go to the doctor, the pharmacy or the hospital and in which period of time the visit should take place. Otherwise, customers will receive self-care tips. In particular, the CSS would like to increase the health literacy of its insured and accompany them on their way to more personal responsibility. Dr. med. Felix Huber from mediX Zürich explains «myGuide is a useful supplement to basic medical care. The digital guide has a simple structure and provides competent guidance for the patient.


Guidebook for the whole family
With myGuide, CSS customers can not only clarify their individual health issues, but also conduct queries for their family members. For example, parents can ask for a recommendation for their sick children. The tool is ready for use around the clock and can thus provide valuable support even outside regular office hours. CSS customers can use myGuide in German, French Italian or English.
Medical device with particularly high data protection
myGuide is a medical device that was developed by medical specialists and medical informatics and has a broad scientific base. The health data entered by the user as well as the recommendation are stored anonymously by the software manufacturer on a server in Switzerland. Only in a complaint or legal case, these data can be assigned by the CSS back to the user. In this case, the user will be contacted in advance. The data are fully protected in accordance with the legal data protection regulations.