CSAA Insurance Gets Closer to Roommates

Meet ROOM8 :

Think: a San Fran-based roommate matching service. It utilizes social media data to produce matches based on mutual connections, budget, location, lifestyle and interests. Whether a user is looking for a room, needs to fill a room, or wants to find someone great to search for a place together – the iOS app creates an all in one experience and marketplace, aimed at taking what has been a painful experience and making it simple.

The initiative, led by cofounder and ex-Insight & Innovation Leader of CSAA Insurance Group, David Underwood, was launched in January 2017 in beta mode. Pilot phase was completed in August 2017. And now, it is hiring. Two more things. One. The brand is owned by CSAA Insurance Services, which filed a trademark application in late 2016.

Two. Here’s reason to believe you may be looking at a new renters insurance provider: