Covered Partners with Homebot

Covered , an independent digital insurance marketplace, announced that it has partnered with Homebot, a personalized financial dashboard that empowers consumers to maximize their wealth through homeownership.

Through this new partnership, Homebot’s loan officer and real estate agent customers may enable Covered content to help homeowners review, compare and purchase the best insurance policy at the best price in just minutes. Homebot adds to the slate of engaging content it offers and continues to set the industry standard for innovative client-for-life technology.

“Consistent with Homebot’s mission to help homeowners build wealth through homeownership, it’s also important to help them protect this wealth. Covered’s best-in-class insurance technology makes it easy for consumers to understand how to adequately insure their home at the best price” – Ernie Graham, CEO of Homebot.

For Covered, this is a strategic opportunity to be in front of homeowners on a tech-forward platform at the exact time homeowners need to shop for insurance.

“Homebot’s innovative brand and utility with loan officers and real estate agents makes them an ideal partner for Covered. We are pleased to build on Homebot’s reputation for simplifying the complexities of home ownership with a naturally integrated homeowners insurance product that creates new value and engagement.” – Ross Diedrich, Covered CEO.