Cover Whale to use Swiss Re’s Motor Market Analyzer

Commercial auto insurance intermediary Cover Whale is using Swiss Re’s Motor Market Analyzer.

By tapping into Swiss Re’s analytics know-how, the company claims it will enhance its risk predictions for auto accidents based on highly granular data and detailed accident statistics from various sources.

“The collaboration with Swiss Re will allow us to double down on why we do what we do: reduce accidents, keep our roads safe and help save lives. In the evolving auto insurance industry, using technology and data to ensure and ‘insure’ our customers with added support will always remain a top priority on our agenda. We look forward to expanding our valued relationship with Swiss Re in this area.” – Dan Abrahamsen, CEO of Cover Whale.

Motor Market Analyzer is a proprietary predictive model, which provides high resolution risk predictions of auto accidents.

“This is a powerful example of how advanced risk prediction tools can dramatically improve insurance protection. We’ve seen Cover Whale make significant progress using technology to increase speed, efficiency and affordability, and we’re thrilled to team up with them as they seek to further support their customers.” – Duare Perez, Head of P&C Analytics Americas at Swiss Re .

Bottom Line: “Cover Whale’s vision has been witnessed before and in other places.”