Commercial Mobility: Driving Change in Insurance

By now, new mobility is old mobility. As always, insurers are either right behind these trends or have left these trends behind and that’s the focus of our research, which will also present a “big picture” view of the landscape, covering new entrants, partnerships, and investment activities.

Autonomous Vehicles04
Waymo, Way Low05
Shared Mobility07
Don’t Call GEICO08
Carsharing is Nothing New12
Outdoorsy’s New Order13
Electric Fleets14
Magic Musk15
Trucking & Transportation18
Increasing Cost of Trucking Insurance19
Digital Freight24
Data Center27
Funded, Commercial Auto, Cargo Startups of Any Type28
Insurer-Backed Fleet Safety/Services Companies32
Insurer-Backed Car-Share/Rental Companies33
Car-Share/Rental Capacity/Distribution Partnerships34
Insurer-Backed Connected Car Data Companies34
Insurer-Backed AV/EV Companies35
Additional Capacity/Distribution Partnerships36
Partnerships Around Fleet Safety37

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