Combined Insurance launches new online accident product

Provider of supplemental accident, health and life insurance products Combined Insurance , a Chubb company, announced the launch of a new online accident insurance product for individuals and families. The new digital offering comes at a critical time when more people need access to extra insurance coverage, and the ability to shop and purchase in a virtual and safe at-home environment is more important than ever. The move is part of Combined’s efforts to support customer needs with flexible purchasing and servicing options – offline, online and via mobile. The company will continue to offer people the ability to work with a local insurance agent as it has for nearly 100 years.

“Combined has shown its strength and viability as a company focused on helping people when they need it most. We recognize that today’s consumers require digital options and are thrilled to now offer customers an online purchasing experience, starting with our accident product. By offering affordable, high-value insurance online for today’s common and costly accidents, we can align with broader Chubb digital efforts and help more people access the extra financial protection we all need.” – Senior Vice President, Chubb Group, Global Accident and Health and President of Combined Insurance, Joe Vasquez.

Accidents happen to nearly everyone, in and out of the home. Recent statistics have shown that nearly 40 million physician office visits occur annually for unintentional injuries, along with 29 million emergency department visits. Accident insurance pays cash directly to the policyholder and pays regardless of having medical insurance. The money can be used as the insured chooses, from co-insurance and deductibles, to other personal expenses such as transportation, child care, groceries and more. The online product, Accident Champion, offers additional perks such as extra coverage with the sports package, rehabilitation and wellness benefits.

The new online Accident Champion product can be purchased at, along with exploring the benefits for individuals and family members.

The key benefits of this product are to further protect individuals and families from unexpected financial challenges caused by unforeseen accidents or injury. Additionally, Accident Champion:

  • Can be purchased online in less than ten minutes via mobile device or computer
  • Provides three plan levels, with monthly premiums starting under $10 for individual coverage
  • Provides coverage options for individual, individual plus spouse or children, and family
  • Offers direct cash benefits for common to more extreme accidents that occur in home, auto, sports and more
  • Benefits for an injury incurred during an organized sport pay 25% more (up to $1,000)
  • Benefits may be paid for injuries such as broken bones, concussions, burns, lacerations, and more; and include wellness and rehabilitation benefits
  • Additional accidental death and dismemberment benefit provides extra beneficiary support