Cogévie selects FRISS to fight fraud and increase customer satisfaction

NANTES, FRANCE- We are pleased to announce that Cogévie has selected FRISS to be their partner in fraud detection. Cogévie specializes in the management of group health and welfare contracts for companies since 2011. Cogévie assists its clients in setting up and monitoring contracts as well as in the day-to-day support of employees covered by these contracts.

Both Cogévie and FRISS pride themselves on placing their customers first, making this an outstanding partnership. Together, they focus on tailoring plans to meet the specific needs of customers and use indicators and statistics to verify that all processes are running smoothly. With a mobile application that allows customers to view refunds and share invoices in real-time, Cogévie is committed to supporting its policyholders quickly. Their ultimate goal is to expel fraud from their book of business so they can maintain this great service for their loyal clientele and continue offering them the rates they deserve.

By utilizing FRISS, Cogévie wants to get ahead of money laundering and terrorist financing. This regulatory challenge means they have high expectations for their partners and believe FRISS is the company ready to take on that challenge.

“Partnering with FRISS will give us a great opportunity to standardize fraud control at Cogevie” says Cogévie CEO, Yannick Michel. “Their reassurance about a safe, digital transformation makes us feel secure in our decision to choose them and I have no doubt that this will be a beneficial step for our future”.

“We are incredibly enthusiastic about partnering with Cogévie” says FRISS CEO, Jeroen Morrenhof. “They are a fantastic partner to have in the French market and their support for customers aligns perfectly with our own goals here at FRISS”.

About Cogévie

Cogévie specialises in the management of group health and welfare contracts. We offer tailor-made management in complete independence in order to act in the best interests of your clients and your policyholders. Professional, responsive and committed, Cogévie’s teams are at your service.


FRISS is 100% focused on automated fraud and risk detection for insurance companies worldwide. Their AI-powered detection solutions for underwriting, claims and SIU help 200+ insurers grow their business. FRISS detects fraud, mitigates risks and supports digital transformation. Insurers go live within 4 months, realize up to 10 times ROI and 80% increase in straight through processing of policy application and claims. FRISS solutions help lower loss ratios, enable profitable portfolio growth, and improve the customer experience. For more information, please visit

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