Clearsurance Launches Recommendation Engine

Clearsurance has announced its Recommendation Engine, a filtering tool for shoppers to view “personalized, conflict-free insurance recommendations for the first time.” Users can enter affinity, credit score, important coverage, and discounts, and in return Clearsurance will identify relevant insurance companies for homeowners, car and renters insurance.

“Many insurance consumers are eligible for discounts as a result of an affinity to specific groups and unique personal attributes that qualify them to save money on their personal insurance policies. Clearsurance’s recommendation engine enables the consumer to identify discount attributes and get recommendations from insurance companies that offer such discounts.” – Michael Crowe, CEO and founder at Clearsurance.

Refresher: Established in 2015, Clearsurance is a crowdsourced insurance reviews and rating site that enjoys an average of ~87k monthly site visits. Last, cofounder Todd Kozikowski has moved on.