Clearcover launches generative AI tool

Car insurance startup Clearcover has launched a generative AI solution that further digitizes statement collection, “significantly” streamlining the insurance claims process and customer experience.

The AI-driven solution utilizes large language models to guide a conversational experience immediately following First Notice of Loss. The claims intake tool collects the required information about the incident, which is typically collected in adjuster follow-up calls, to process and pay a claim.

Clearcover’s FNOL and adjuster solution are model agnostic and currently utilize OpenAI Azure and Amazon Bedrock respectively, according to information the startup shared with us. The customer-facing chat functionality Clearcover plans to launch will be backed by a vendor combined with custom development utilizing its API-first custom policy administration system.

“Our underlying foundation was built with best-in-class technology for digitally native customers, which has enabled us to get ahead of the curve. I am incredibly proud of our Product, Claims and CX departments for leaning into this industry challenge and raising the bar for AI insurance solutions.” – Clearcover CEO and Co-founder Kyle Nakatsuji.

“By leveraging the power of generative AI, we’re ushering in a transformational way for our customers to share information and self-serve throughout their insurance journeys.” – Clearcover’s Chief Product and Innovation Officer Adam Fischer.