Chubb partners with Travix

Chubb partnered with global online travel company Travix . Customers using Travix websites when making their travel arrangements will be offered Chubb’s travel insurance plans. The offering includes a range of travel insurance benefits relevant to each traveller’s individual needs and type of booking. Customers can also arrange immediate cover via the Travix websites when booking their trip.

The companies will also collaborate with Hepstar, the travel ancillary product optimization specialists, to develop and deliver personalized product offers to customers across EMEA, the United States, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

“We are proud to have the opportunity to work with Travix in the global online travel distribution space. Chubb aims to provide Travix customers with quality insurance products and services in a simple and straightforward way, powered by our robust technology, and to help Travix optimise the programme in partnership with Hepstar.”  – Ruben Rivero, Head of Travel Insurance, Continental Europe A&H, Chubb.

“We are happy to strengthen our relationship with Hepstar in combination with our new partnership alongside Chubb. Through this partnership we take another step forward with regards to the optimization of our products. This enables us to deliver better customised solutions and improve the value to our customers.” – Michiel Delaere, President, Travix.

“Hepstar has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with both Travix and Chubb. This collaboration will see each party contribute in their area of expertise with the goal of changing the way travel insurance is packaged and perceived by travellers.” – Heinrich Brand, COO, Hepstar.