Chubb Life launches health monitoring app

Chubb Life’s new Chubb LifeBalance app helps people view their health through a new lens. Available in Thailand, Hong Kong and Myanmar, the app is designed to help people actively manage physical, emotional and environmental factors during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

It allows everyone to set their own personal health goals and provides daily prompts and inspiration to keep you motivated. Chubb LifeBalance connects with a full range of health devices and other apps, from Fitbit to Strava, Garmin to Apple Health, and also lets you invite and compete virtually with friends and family.

“We believe everyone needs support to protect their health during these extraordinary times. Chubb LifeBalance helps everyone see their health through a new lens, one that focuses on more than just your physical well-being, but also cares about your sleep, diet, mind, and body.” – Country President at Chubb Life Assurance, Angela Hunter.