Chubb Launches Value-added Services for Leisure Travelers

Chubb today announced the launch of a suite of value-added services for leisure travelers. Known as Chubb Connect, these services include complimentary Wi-Fi and SOS Alerts as a start. Piloted in Australia since May this year, Chubb Connect is now also available in New Zealand and Singapore. The app will be launched progressively to other countries in the region in due course.


Jon Ford, Head of Partnership Distribution for Chubb Asia Pacific, said, “We know that when our customers are traveling, access to Wi-Fi connectivity is considered highly valuable and important to enhance their travel experience. With the Chubb Connect app, not only do customers stay connected but they can also opt to receive SOS alerts informing them of travel disruptions as and when these happen. Delivered in real-time via the app, SMS and email, our customers can make informed decisions before and during their travels. The app also connects travelers to our 24/7 Emergency Hotline if they require help in a foreign land.”


“With the rise of the middle class in Asia Pacific, the number of overseas trips continues to increase substantially.  In addition, smartphone connections in Asia now account for more than 50% of mobile connectivity globally1. Operating in such a highly connected and mobile region, Chubb recognizes the need to provide our customers with value-added services in addition to insurance protection and assistance. Chubb Connect will represent significant additional value to our leisure travel customers and partners” added Alex Blake, Chubb’s Global Head of Travel Insurance.


Chubb Connect is powered by United Networks, an Australian-owned global telecommunications provider offering telecommunications, data and value added services since 2009.