Chubb & HSB Are Predicting & Preventing

Chubb announced it will partner with Hartford Steam Boiler to begin installing IoT technology in the homes and businesses of Chubb policyholders. The sensors and devices will monitor for water leaks and changes in temperature, humidity, vibration and water pressure that, if left undetected, can lead to severe property damage.

In a program with a segment of Chubb Private Risk Services clients, IoT sensors for early water leak detection will be installed in their primary and secondary homes. The program is made available through HSB’s partnership with GROHE, the world’s leading provider of luxury fittings for kitchens and bathrooms, and the sensors are powered by the GROHE Sense Guard system, an intelligent water security system that detects water leaks, alerts the homeowner and shuts off the water supply automatically to prevent severe damage to the home.

In two other programs, advanced IoT sensors that monitor temperature, vibration and humidity changes, powered by HSB’s Sensor Systems, will be installed in clients’ homes to help prevent damage to valuables such as fine art and wine collections, and, on the commercial side, in businesses and entities with environments sensitive to these factors.

Bottom Line: from ‘repair & replace’ to ‘predict & prevent’.