Chubb announces streamlined process for requesting certificates of insurance

Chubb announced enhancements to its proprietary digital Worldview® platform, providing brokers and insureds with a streamlined process for efficiently managing all of their multinational insurance needs in an increasingly fast-paced global business environment.

“Certificates of Insurance are commonly required for many global programs. If certificates are not provided within specific time requirements, an insured’s business operations may be negatively impacted.” – Matt Merna, SVP, Chubb Group Division President, Chubb North America Major Accounts.

Through these new capabilities within Chubb’s Worldview® platform, customers can now submit certificate requests online and receive same day turnaround for select countries and products.

“Chubb Global Services is committed to improving customer service levels, and continuously looks for ways to create the very best experience for our multinational clients in managing their global insurance programs. Our award-winning Worldview® platform was specifically designed to provide greater efficiency and transparency, and continues to serve as a key differentiator for Chubb in the industry.” – Merna.

These enhancements and capabilities are available to all U.S.-based insureds and brokers who have a multinational program with Chubb.