Centraal Beheer Now Available Via Google Assistant

Last Thursday, Google launched the Dutch version of Google Assistant and Centraal Beheer is the first Dutch insurer and one of the first companies in the Netherlands to offer accessibility to users. The first service provided by Centraal Beheer is to check whether or not a Green Card (proof of insurance) is mandatory when traveling abroad. Users can start by saying “Ok Google, talk with Centraal Beheer” to later ask the question. If the green card is mandatory then the insurer will send the user a link to download the Green Card.


“In order to continue serving our customers according to their wishes and needs, we are constantly innovating. We do this on many fronts and the use of the latest speech technology is also part of this. With our strategic partnership with Google, we are the first Dutch insurer to be closely involved in the construction of the first functionality for the Dutch market. So that we can learn from it together with our customers, and see what it will mean for the way we can help our customers.” – Director at Centraal Beheer, Marteyn Roose.


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