Caring Has its Rewards

Zurich Seguros has launched BLUE, a virtual assistant to analyze a user’s features and provide his age, smoking habits, and Body Mass Index. Access is available via web or app and comes with a life insurance quote.

BLUE combines technologies such as biometrics and AI to “revolutionize the approach to life insurance”. The system converts recruitment into an interactive process in which, instead of the user filling out forms, is able to infer the basic data and life habits of the client just by analyzing their face.

After completing the scan, BLUE confirms this data with the user (age, weight, height, health habits, etc.) and calculates the price of the life insurance in a completely personalized way. The system automatically provides discounts for users who obtain more favorable results in the analysis (balanced weight, non-smokers, etc.). Then, the user can ask for a “formal” quote.

Get a feel for BLUE:

Bottom Line: According to BLUE, my biological age is 17 and I look a lot like Karen Horney. “Since you have very good hardware, that is, your biological age is lower than your real age, I’ll give you a 10% discount. We started great! My algorithms tell me you do not smoke. True?”