Cake & Arrow Publishes New White Paper Exploring Insurance & Millennials

Cake & Arrow is excited to announce the publication of  their latest white paper based upon the results of a survey they conducted of over 300 Millennials exploring the mindsets, values, and behaviors of Millennials.

By 2019, Millennials will number more than 73 million and will eclipse Baby Boomers as America’s largest living generation. As a generation, Millennials differ from previous generations in a number of significant ways: they spend differently, they buy differently, their lives follow different trajectories and they hold unique perspectives on everything from family to how they think about and plan for the future. And what’s more, as the most diverse generation in American history, behaviors, mindsets, and values amongst their cohort vary widely. As Millennials come of age, how will the insurance industry need to adjust? Entitled Insurance & Millennials: A Coming of Age, the newly published white paper grapples with this question, providing insights for the insurance industry into:

  • The mindsets, behaviors, and values held by Millennials that distinguish them from previous generations
  • Different Millennials personas, and how their needs, behaviors and risks vary
  • How the insurance industry as a whole might think differently about insurance to better address the unique needs and risks of Millennials


“For too long, Millennials have been treated as a niche within the insurance industry and the products that are designed for them are often based on misguided assumptions about Millennials rather than actual data,” said Josh Levine, Cake & Arrow Founder & CEO. “Our research challenges many of the stereotypes and labels given to Millennials, providing the insurance industry with a jumping off point as they seek to better understand Millennials and design insurance products that resonate.”


To learn more, download a complimentary copy of the white paper here:

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