Bundle & Save

Hyundai Capital America is partnering with MetLife Auto & Home to offer customers a new vehicle subscription program starting at $279 a month where lease cost, insurance and maintenance are bundled into one monthly bill, according to Auto Finance News.

“We worked closely with Hyundai to look at their existing lease holder profile and we were able to develop a customized pricing program that allows them to lock in a fixed rate for three years. It’s a competitive price because when you look at insurance costs and the cost of vehicle ownership, purchasing this coverage separately would actually cost a lot more. There is a lot of marketing and advertising in the insurance industry  – it’s one of the most marketed industries across the board. This program is offered through Hyundai so we’re not offering marketing to promote this program, Hyundai is leveraging their existing marketing program to sell cars and get consumers in the door. That marketing saving gets passed to a consumer.”- VP and Head of MetLife Group Auto & Home – Kevin Chean.

The program is available for select Hyundai models in Ohio at five dealerships. The program will expand across the state by the end of July, with plans to launch in additional states.