bsurance delivers warranty coverage at POS

Austrian insurance startup Bsurance has developed a digital insurance solution for furniture retailer Kika/Leiner Group in cooperation with UNIQA Group to allow shoppers to purchase extended warranty insurance at 42 locations when buying electrical appliances. The customized insurance policies are 100% digital and are offered via apps, web, or cashier systems.

“We are constantly trying to expand our range of services for customers. With the extended warranty insurance, bsurance has created a product for us that is tailored to the needs of our customers. The cooperation with bsurance was extremely uncomplicated and the result also very satisfying.” – Thomas Frassl, Procurement Manager for kitchen built-in appliances at Kika/Leiner.

Insurance coverage is available for individual appliances and for built-in appliances when buying a kitchen. The insurance benefits run for 5 years and are valid in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on the respective purchase price, electrical appliance protection is available from as little as 42 cents per month.

“An exciting new topic is the cooperation of large companies with insurance companies: This means adding value to the core products of these companies, such as retail stores, through our insurance companies. And customers benefit several times as they can protect their new property against damage quickly, easily and without complications.” – Olivera Böhm, Chief Corporate & Affinity Business Officer at UNIQA.

bsurance handles the technical implementation where all processes are handled digitally. This includes policy creation, premium collection, and claims handling.

“Our cooperation with kika/Leiner is the first time we have taken the step from a purely digital application to an omnichannel solution that supports the sales and claims process, including a call centre connection, in the branch and, in future, also in the online store. Especially in times of CoVID-19 we see a strong trend towards digitalisation in the retail sector, which we are very happy to support with our digital insurance platform.” – Lorenz Gräff, CEO and founder of bsurance.