BriteBee’s Digital Directory and Marketing Platform Boasts 54% More Insurance-Seeking Traffic To Partnering Agents

BriteBee’s Traffic Flow Caters to Paradiso Insurance and Other Industry Professionals To Reach More Prospects, Attract More Clients, And Write More Policies with Minimal Marketing Action Required.

It takes a tremendous amount of marketing efforts to generate new avenues of digital traffic. The biggest brands are clamoring over inlets that can bring qualified traffic that is targeted to specific products and services–and the insurance industry is no exception.

In partnership with BriteBee, insurance agencies, like Paradiso Insurance, have tapped into more optimized insurance traffic since August, shattering misconceptions that a niche can’t be captured and converted online. Equipped with unrivaled tools and technology designed to help insurance agents increase their exposure online, BriteBee’s digital directory and marketing platform focuses on helping insurance agents appear in online searches for the insurance products they specialize in, resulting in more qualified traffic.

Based in Oklahoma City, BriteBee is an insurtech company aiming to be the most comprehensive insurance agent directory, connecting agents and carriers to more qualified consumers online. This innovative company is gaining traction with insurance agencies like Paradiso Insurance to attract more qualified traffic and targeted inquiries. BriteBee CEO, Keagan Henson, says, “ Nothing is an overnight success story when it comes to increasing your digital presence online. We need more insurance agents and carriers who are as dedicated as Chris, to focus on the long game organic strategy. The long game mindset is a winning strategy that could reap 10x results!” 

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How BriteBee is Working for Insurance Agents

The engine behind BriteBee runs full force to increase digital exposure for its partner insurance agencies. The multi-dimensional approach attracts insurance searchers by directly targeting consumer pain points and answers they are seeking online. 

Keagan Henson, says it’s all in the special sauce: “The BriteBee team works hard to beat out the big brands for the keywords that attract qualified insurance-seekers. It’s that simple. These hot prospects are directed to match with our partnering agents who specialize in exactly what the prospect is searching for online.”

Partnering agents on the platform say it is clear why BriteBee’s technology is far more effective than competing websites that provide poor, unverified leads. “They encourage us (agents) to do what we are good at – helping people, writing policies, ensuring our clients are protected. BriteBee is working to help grow our insurance agency and navigating the ever-changing digital marketing landscape,” says Chris Paradiso.

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An Inside Look At BriteBee’s Technology

BriteBee believes they are changing the landscape for the way people find insurance agents, because they have centered the digital platform to speak the language of the consumer and present solutions to their problem–finding the right insurance for their wants, needs, and budget in the most convenient way. The digital directory is soon to be the greatest referral platform for online traffic for insurance agents. 

Since BriteBee was created by agents for agents, they know the magic starts by being competitively positioned in search engines. Their comprehensive marketing platform draws qualified consumers to the site in two ways–ranking for insurance keywords in educational content and individual agent profiles. Insurance-seekers who visit the BriteBee homepage are directed through a queried search that answers two questions (1) what are your insurance needs? (2) where are you located? The BriteBee technology scans through the BriteBee agent database and directs each visitor to a short list of “best fit” insurance agents.

The latter, Henson points out, is one of the key differences between BriteBee and its competitors–a publicly searchable, keyword optimized profile for partner agents, allowing them to appear in popular search engine results (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) without the consumer first having to seek out BriteBee. “The consumer doesn’t have to known BriteBee’s brand. All they have to do is the thing they always do–search, ask a question, put a phrase in–then BriteBee is going to infuse these agents within these searches so that the agents are found in the search engine of their choice,” says Henson.

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How Does an Insurance Agency Benefit?

One reason the BriteBee system works so well is that it was conceived and built by former insurance agents who understand the difficulties of attracting, selling, and closing prospects via the internet. The result is that each insurance agency affiliated with BriteBee gains access to more traffic, and finds that selling insurance is much easier to the primed and ready buyers referred to them via the BriteBee platform.

BriteBee is thus able to send prospects to partnering agents at just the right time in the customers’ decision-making process. This means BriteBee does not inundate agents with idle or indecisive quote-seekers or with other types of curious web-surfers who are not ready to buy insurance. BriteBee doesn’t trick anyone into insurance, but rather gives them the right information at the right time to help them make the right decision. The BriteBee platform attracts users that have an insurance need and are ready to find solutions.

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Become a Partner of BriteBee

For insurance agents, being found online for highly competitive search queries is often not possible, but with BriteBee, it becomes possible and much more effective. The BriteBee promise is to take the “sting” out of insurance searching and to help insurance agents meet searchers where they are online–a challenge that the BriteBee team takes to heart.

As the digital habits of consumers evolve, BriteBee believes insurance agents must remain adaptive to new technologies as not to be displaced by them. Insurance agents are not only competing against each other, but rather the online giants of the insurance industry. BriteBee believes that independent and captive insurance agents and carriers alike must all unite for this cause in order to avoid becoming obsolete.”Obscurity is our problem when it comes to insurance agents winning online. It’s not that we are not qualified,” says Henson.

Insurance agents who are looking to partner with BriteBee can learn more at, or reach out directly to support via email at

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