Brighthouse Financial joins SIMON’s annuities platform

Brighthouse Financial , a provider of annuities and life insurance, is the latest carrier to join SIMON ‘s annuities platform. The collaboration provides a streamlined digital experience to financial professionals incorporating annuities into client portfolios, giving them tools to easily navigate the annuities landscape in one centralized location.

“Brighthouse Financial is blazing a trail for structured annuities, aligned with their mission of helping people achieve financial security. We’re incredibly excited to support that mission. Now more than ever, consumers seeking financial security are looking to retirement solutions that can balance the need for protection with growth potential. This collaboration combines annuities offered by Brighthouse Financial with SIMON’s innovative technology, providing financial professionals a better experience tailoring their service to meet client needs.” – Jason Broder, CEO of SIMON.

“Brighthouse Financial is committed to continuously enhancing the way we support financial professionals and the clients they serve, which is why we are excited to bring our annuity products to SIMON’s Marketplace. SIMON offers a cutting-edge solution featuring built-in tools and analytics that demonstrate the financial security that diversifying a portfolio with annuities can provide. Leveraging the SIMON platform to help distribute Brighthouse Financial annuities both expands the accessibility of our products in US retail markets and helps to make retirement planning more scalable for financial professionals.” – Myles Lambert, Chief Distribution and Marketing Officer of Brighthouse Financial.

Brighthouse Financial annuities are now available in SIMON’s Marketplace, along with access to allocation analytics and product-specific educational resources.