Branch launches My Community Discount program in Missouri

Branch announced it launched the My Community Discount program in Missouri, in addition to lowering auto rates statewide by approximately 20%. The program enables clients to save on their insurance premiums by inviting friends and family to quote with and join the Branch community.

The My Community Discount program allows clients to invite friends to quote with Branch through a personalized link. When friends quote, both clients and friends receive Amazon gift cards and when a friend joins the Branch community, clients and their friends receive premium discounts up to 50% off their insurance.

“Branch is built on the idea that insurance should be less expensive and the innovative My Community Discount allows Branch’s clients – its Community – to hang onto their hard earned dollars rather than spend it on premiums that support insurance company advertising,” said Cofounder and CEO Steve Lekas. “It’s another way Branch uses technology and community to help our clients save.”