Blueprint Income & Pacific Life Launch Annuity Product

Pacific Life and Blueprint Income have collaborated to introduce Next Deferred Income Annuity that provides a predetermined amount of monthly income starting at a predetermined retirement date in the future and is available via

“We’ve heard a clear desire – especially among Generation X – to have the security of a pension that their parents relied on to achieve financial peace of mind. Through our collaboration with Pacific Life, we are opening up this modern approach to a new group of digitally-minded consumers.” – Blueprint Income co-founder and CEO Matt Carey.

Pacific Life created Next by Pacific Life to support the purchase of insurance products through digital platforms like Blueprint Income.

“Rapid changes in technology are impacting retirement planning and how products are designed, distributed, and serviced. Next by Pacific Life creates an opportunity for us to connect with the next generation of consumers who haven’t yet taken that first step toward guaranteed retirement income, in a fast, simplified manner.” – Pacific Life Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Adrian Grigg.

With only a minimum of $100 to get started, it takes minutes to get set up, and in most cases applications are approved instantly, with no paper applications and no phone calls.

Next Deferred Income Annuity is available now in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Additional states will be added over the coming months.

Bottom Line: We saw it coming – last year.