Blinker Now Available in Florida

Denver-based Blinker, which offers a mobile app to buy, sell, finance and refinance vehicles, has recently launched in Florida. “Whether you’re in the market for the perfect off-road Wrangler, thinking of selling your everyday ride, or want to lower your current monthly car payment, Blinker is a Jeeper’s dream” – founder and CEO, Rod Buscher.



The company – officially launched in 2016 – is now operating in Florida, Texas and Colorado and uses image-recognition to simplify one’s car buying journey. Here’s how it works: buyers visit or snap a photo of their driver’s license with the app, to learn if they qualify for purchase. Once prequalified, they can browse the Blinker Marketplace to search for their dream car.


Bottom Line: 4.1 star rating from 49 reviewers on Facebook. Btw, this review just came in: