Bankers Insurance Achieves Value Using Hi Marley

Florida-based Bankers Insurance recently expanded the use of Hi Marley’s intelligent conversation platform to handle property claims from the first major hurricane of the 2018 season – Hurricane Florence.


“We recognized the potential of Hi Marley’s platform to provide value to both our customers and our claims team, particularly during a catastrophe,” said Steve Messina, SVP of Insurance Operations at Bankers Insurance. “At this time last year our customers were impacted by two of the worst hurricanes in recent history – Harvey and Irma. This year, we dedicated ourselves to becoming better equipped to assist our customers through daily and catastrophic claims alike.”  To achieve that goal Bankers utilized Marley to establish contact with customers impacted by Florence – even those who were evacuated. In addition to establishing contact, Bankers’ utilized Marley to share specific mitigation tips and solicit photos, and video depicting the extent of damage to covered property which were utilized to triage losses immediately.


Bankers Insurance has seen measurable results using Marley. “Compared to Irma claims last year, we have seen significant impact in handling Florence claims with Marley. Average days to contact and average days to inspect have both reduced by more than 50%. Claims closed within 30 days has jumped from just 2% to a meaningful 30%. And, the feedback from our customers has been tremendous,” said Steve Messina.


Michael Greene, CEO of Hi Marley, said, “We are pleased to see the level of customer service that Bankers has been able to provide to its customers affected by Florence. The interactions during the storm reaffirm our mission at Marley to enable insurance companies to deliver on their promise to be there for customers when they need it most. Bankers has a well-earned reputation for excellence in serving customers. They’ve pushed our thinking on the possibilities for Marley to transform the insurance customer experience. We are thrilled to have Steve and his team as partners.”