Babylon Launches Healthcheck

Babylon is launching Healthcheck to help people explore their inside out. Available free via the Babylon app, Healthcheck enables users to understand how their physical and mental health may be affected by current and past lifestyle choices, as well as medical and family history.



People’s lifestyles have a major impact on life expectancy and disability

Healthcheck makes use of the information provided to build a condition risk profile and shows how each risk factor (e.g. alcohol intake, smoking) can statistically influence the chances of different diseases developing. Extensive epidemiological research has been used to quantify disease risk factors by demographic, and their effect on disease risk.

There are initially three Healthcheck assessments people can choose from: activity, nutrition and mood. These can be completed separately or all at once. Once each is completed, the user can view a 3D interactive picture of the health information entered broken down by organ, called the Digital Twin. Initially, Healthcheck covers 20 diseases with plans to expand to over 80 diseases over the coming months.