AXA XL rolls out Technology Adoption Maturity Index for construction clients

AXA XL’s North America Construction team is rolling out the Technology Adoption Maturity Index (TAMI), a benchmarking service to help contractors measure their tech usage against their industry peers and determine optimal investment in new construction technologies.

According to Gary Kaplan, president of AXA XL’s North America Construction business, “From artificial intelligence to drones to wearables, the number of new technologies flooding the construction market is overwhelming.  From our perspective, adoption of new tech has great potential in helping contractors manage risks throughout their operations. The challenge, of course, is having the time and money to find the technology that brings the most value to their business. We think TAMI is a productive first step.”

“Contractors have not always been known to be early adopters of technology but that’s changing. Interest in new technology, especially to reduce risks and boost productivity, is picking up throughout the industry,” said Rose Hall, Construction’s Strategic Operations Manager.  “With so many options to choose from, we hope we can be a resource for our contractors on their journey toward adopting these valuable emerging technologies. We designed the TAMI assessment to provide our clients with a baseline that gives them a clear picture of how tech savvy they are compared to others in the industry, and to help them identify areas where additional technological solutions could add the most value to their operations and risk management efforts.”

Hall continued, “We hope the TAMI assessment encourages contractors to embrace more technology, thereby raising their TAMI score year over year. We can further support this effort with our Tech Library for guidance and introductions to a host of curated, risk-reducing technology solutions, so they can find and integrate the solutions that best meet their needs.”

Using the proprietary TAMI tool, AXA XL’s Construction risk engineers evaluate and score contractors on their technology use in five key areas:

  • Auto & Equipment including telematics, cameras, electronic driver records, equipment and fleet management solutions, and real-time driver assist tools.
  • Enterprise Software such as solutions for accounting/ERP, AI document review, Building Information Modeling (BIM), customer relationship management, project management, scheduling, subcontractor prequalification, and others.
  • On-site Operations including environmental monitoring, wearables, safety management, water damage mitigation, quality management, weather forecasting and analysis, robotics, telemedicine, and others.
  • Imagery including advanced drone use, laser reality capture, laser survey and layout, photogrammetry and computer vision.
  • Extended Reality including augmented reality, digital twin, mixed reality, and virtual reality for collaboration and/or training.

Additionally, AXA XL’s contractor clients are scored on overall Implementation Measurement to gauge their level of commitment to technology investment, innovation, and the resources required to maximize the effectiveness of the technologies they’ve adopted. As the industry adoption continues to advance, customers are encouraged to repeat the TAMI each year to continuously assess their progress on their technology adoption journey against contemporaneous standards.