AXA launches SmartProtect Plus

AXA Hong Kong and Macau has launched SmartProtect Plus, an accident insurance plan that provides collective protection for a family across generations with a single policy. The policy can include up to 10 members across 3 generations and customers can enjoy lower premiums compared to traditional individual coverage. The product also includes an exclusive offer for families with more than one child – under the shared coverage plan, once the policyholder pays the premium for one child, all children of the family under the same single policy will be covered for free.

The insurer also offers add-on coverages designed for breadwinners and sports enthusiasts.

“We understand the importance for our customers to provide extensive care for their children and their aging parents as well as the financial burden that comes along. The market-first shared coverage feature in “SmartProtect Plus” can help ease the burden and mental stress in an unfortunate and unexpected event. As Hong Kong’s largest general insurer, we hope to help our customers and their loved ones overcome challenges in life with essential and comprehensive protection for their safety and good health .” – Kenneth Lai, chief general insurance officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau.