AXA introduces fibre broadband service with home insurance combo

Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (“HKBN”) has teamed up with AXA to launch complimentary home insurance, bundled conveniently with fibre broadband service, network security, and a smart home kit, to offer the most comprehensive home protection solution combo for customers.

The newly launched “All-in-one Home Kit” combines fibre broadband, home network security solution, smart home solutions and home insurance, to give customers comprehensive network security and home property protection. HKBN’s network security solution provides enterprise-level security, parental controls, and online personal identity protection to customers; while its smart home solutions allow customers to easily add additional motion sensors, smart door cameras and other IoT devices, offering customers a convenient way to manage and protect their virtual and physical properties.

The complimentary home insurance under this cooperation with AXA offers households of eligible customers up to HKD500,000 annual coverage of their home contents and up to HKD10 million annual third-party liability coverage to protect their residence. Customers who sign up or renew designated home broadband services can enjoy up to 24-month complimentary home insurance (worth around HKD1,720).

“As the largest general insurer in Hong Kong, AXA has always been a strong advocate of customer centricity and innovation. We are very pleased to partner with HKBN to launch the city’s first service combo of fibre broadband, home insurance, network security and smart home kit, to provide customers with comprehensive home protection that caters for their household needs. AXA will continue to launch quality products and diversify our distribution channels, making protection easily accessible to customers.” – Kenneth Lai, P&C Distribution Director, AXA Hong Kong and Macau.