AVP backs Mytraffic

French startup MyTraffic closed a €30 million funding round led by AXA Venture Partners , bringing its total funding to €45 million.

Founded in 2016, the SaaS company offers insights on any location in Europe.

Mytraffic is a pure player in ‘location analytics’, helping over 400 clients across 7 European countries (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands).

Retailers (McDonald’s, Amorino, The Body Shop), real estate operators (JLL, Nhood, Redevco) and city authorities (Montpellier, BME Brussels, Karlsruhe ME) currently use its platform to select the best locations to open stores, monitor the performance of their real estate assets, attract visitors, and negotiate leases.

“There is a huge discrepancy between the quality and the volume of real-time accurate information available to any website manager, and the imprecise, partial and outdated insights currently available to physical location operators. We aim to restore this imbalance.” – Hakim Saadaoui, Co-founder and CEO of Mytraffic.

“The digitization of our economies over the past 20 years has allowed brands, retailers, real estate and communities to benefit from big data and unprecedented software-powered treatment capabilities to optimize their online businesses. The pandemic has made it critical for offline businesses to have the same capacity and data for their activities in the physical world, while strictly respecting data privacy. Mytraffic offers a complete, anonymized SaaS solution, architected around the specific use cases of its customers, offering them tremendous value creation potential. We are proud to support them in their next stage of growth.” – Benoit Fosseprez, General Partner at AVP.