Avail partners with LAZ Parking

Allstate’s car sharing platform Avail is partnering with LAZ Parking, “the fastest growing and second largest parking company in the country.”

As part of the partnership, Avail Carsharing will integrate with the parking management company, enabling monthly parking subscribers to earn supplemental income by sharing their vehicle from the garage. The collaboration is going live in 20 LAZ locations across Chicago and Denver, with over 100 integrated locations planned in the next year.

Shared cars are covered by Allstate.

“We began asking what is the next step for car sharing and what more can a parking garage be. Our work with LAZ aims to answer these questions, making car sharing simpler and more accessible and allowing monthly LAZ subscribers to share their vehicles in a fresh, dynamic space. We are thrilled to offer this service with LAZ and lead the reinvention of parking garages.” – Jason Mathias, president of Avail.

“The parking industry changed dramatically during the pandemic, forcing us to innovate. We rose to the challenge, and through our work with Avail, we are providing a new type of service that helps vehicle owners offset the cost of their parking. It’s optimizing traditional parking garages into mobility hubs.” – Alan Lazowski, chairman and founder of LAZ Parking.