Osara Health announces partnership with Allstate Benefits

Osara Health, a provider of evidence-based behavior change intervention for cancer, announced its partnership with Allstate Benefits.

As part of the partnership, Allstate Benefits will offer Osara’s service to its customers.

Osara offers an educational, behavioral change program “demonstrating to improve” the quality of life and other health outcomes of people living with cancer. The program was developed by oncologists with the intention of reinventing cancer care after identifying a significant clinical care gap for holistic support that is costing the healthcare system along with patients.

“Supporting members in a meaningful way when they are going through a serious health event like cancer is at the core of what we do. We believe our partnership with Osara Health will empower more people affected by cancer to get the medical care and support they need so that they can focus on their path to health and happiness.” – David Essary, President of Allstate Benefits and Allstate Health Solutions.

“This partnership aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide members with the psychosocial support and digital resources they need to feel more supported, implement behavior change and make informed decisions about their cancer care. Through this partnership, policyholders will gain access to Osara’s personalized support service, alleviating key challenges of a cancer diagnosis and enhancing overall outcomes. This partnership not only benefits individuals impacted by cancer but also enhances Allstate Benefits’ ability to provide the most comprehensive support to their policyholders demonstrating their clear commitment to clinically validated member benefits and a better care experience.” – Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh, CEO of Osara Health and a radiation oncologist.