Arta partners with Chubb

Arta, a provider of tech, shipping, and insurance solutions for organizations selling high-value goods, has partnered with Chubb to offer valuables insurance.

The new offering, delivered digitally and at the point-of-sale, will enable businesses to offer their customers insurance protection for personal property such as art, antiques, trading cards, sports memorabilia, luxury goods, and jewelry.

Arta has already protected over $500 million worth of collectibles while in transit and it will now be able to give buyers the option to purchase coverage that protects against damage, theft, and loss after delivery.

In 2022, Arta raised $11 million in a round led by AXA Venture Partners.

“We’re committed to helping our clients improve the e-commerce experience for their customers. As we continue to expand into collector services, including valuables insurance, we enable our clients to offer a more complete purchase experience. We know it takes buyers time and energy to search for and acquire coverage once their valuable purchase is safe at home. We’re uniquely positioned to make it easier for the buyer by leveraging object information collected during checkout, ultimately decreasing the time it takes to purchase a policy.” – Adam Fields, Arta CEO and Founder.

“At Chubb, we have deep expertise in protecting valuables, including newly acquired treasures. We’re pleased to partner with Arta to expand their suite of insurance offerings and to offer more collectors the industry-leading protection Chubb provides.” – Ana Robic, Division President, North America Personal Risk Services for Chubb.