APOLLO partners with Livelii

APOLLO Insurance has partnered with Livelii to offer “immediate digital products, specifically tailored to the independent workforce of Canada.” As part of the partnership, APOLLO will offer business insurance to Livelii members.

Founded in 2020, Livelii originally went after freelancers with a platform that combines invoicing, payments, and benefits including paid time off and health and dental care. After freelancers received payment for their services, Livelii would set aside a portion of the payment for certain benefits that were secured through Manulife. Livelii has pivoted since then and it now serves 800+ platform members and over 130 individual business owners.

“Offering custom, accessible insurance coverage to Canadians is extremely important to us at APOLLO. By partnering with a company like Livelii, our team is able to support entrepreneurs who may not have otherwise found comprehensive policies to support the needs of their small businesses.” – APOLLO, Glen Bowie, director of business development.

“We asked the Livelii community what they wanted to see on our Member Perks Platform, and business insurance came up as one of the top requested products. APOLLO not only helps us meet the needs of our community members, but also complements our Health, Dental, and Life Insurance products, enabling us to continue to build a sustainable, inclusive platform for the independent workforce of Canada.” – Tobi Babalola, product manager partnering at Livelii.