AmFam Partners with Neos

American Family is partnering with Neos to allow US customers to proactively protect their homes using smart home technology and related products and services.

“This value-added approach aligns with American Family’s strong customer focus on proactively protecting customers. It’s one thing to be there for customers to provide payment after an unforeseen event, but another to help prevent a major incident – which benefits us both.” – American Family State Product Director, Andy Kearns.

Neos launched its own smart home insurance products and services across the UK in 2016 and has since expanded through partnerships with carriers in the U.K. and the Netherlands, including Aviva, a UK-based global multiline insurer, and a majority owner of Neos.

“Our U.K. launch helped us fine-tune the products and services, and most importantly the customer experience that American Family will offer in the US. Technology is the cornerstone in moving insurance companies away from being a payout industry to one that can help prevent claims. We’re pleased to help bring that to U.S. customers.” – Neos CEO, Matt Poll.

Later in 2019 American Family will launch this smart home and protective services offering in Arizona and Washington.