Allianz & Visa Launch Mobile Payment and Loyalty App

Visa and Allianz Partners are launching a new payment solution to consumers called Allianz Prime . The mobile payment and loyalty app enables customers to make fast, safe and easy payments with their mobile device online and in stores.


It features built-in security technology pioneered by Visa that replaces sensitive payment card account information with a unique digital identifier (a “token”) that can be used to process payments without exposing actual account details. Allianz Prime users also benefit from a loyalty program, a smart spend tracker to simplify money management as well as Allianz Partners’ Digital Payments Protection.


The app will be tested in Italy, involving a sample of Allianz customers. Allianz Prime users will be able to make secure mobile transactions at all contactless-enabled terminals worldwide. Transactions are processed and the loyalty program is integrated by Allianz’s digital financial technology partner Wirecard. Allianz Prime is developed as a global platform that can be easily rolled out to local markets.



“We are delighted to join forces with Allianz Partners to offer their customers an integrated mobile solution which combines payments, spend tracking and enhanced insurance services in an innovative way. With the launch of their first mobile payment app Allianz has not only created a new way to engage and reward customers but is also offering them a new, secure way to make payments worldwide – online and in stores – while also helping consumers keep track of their spending” – Senior Vice President, product solutions Europe at Visa, Mike Lemberger.