Allianz Partners introduces an integrated Digital Health Assistant

Allianz Partners has launched an integrated virtual health assistant.

It is easily accessible on a mobile device or desktop via a conversational platform such as WhatsApp or Telegram and provides customers with immediate and direct access to three core medical services:

  1. Symptom Checker to evaluate and understand symptoms with an AI-based “self-service” guiding system
  2. Doctor Chat: for immediate medical advice from trusted local doctors via chat in their local language. Customers can receive individual responses within a few minutes and ask follow-up questions to the same doctor
  3. 24/7 Medical Hotline: a team of medical professionals available anytime and to give medical advice via phone calls

Allianz Partners’ digital health assistant is currently available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, and has already been made available to more than 800,000 people. This new platform is being rolled out across Western Europe as well as the Asia Pacific region.

A new unit dedicated to Digital Access to Care

This service is the first success story of Allianz Partners’ company-wide Digital Access to Care initiative. The ambition is to develop an ever-widening suite of digital tools and services that build on Allianz Partners’ telehealth portfolio for various customer segments (travelers, credit card holders, and expats). The initiative leverages both Allianz Partners’ ‘inhouse’ capabilities and platforms, as well as those of external partners.

To support this mission, Allianz Partners has created a new Global Health Services unit covering digital health, access to care, prevention, and wellbeing services. This new unit is the competence center dedicated to designing innovative health service offerings for all lines of business, regions, and business units.

“Today it’s all about customer convenience and making access to quality care as fast and easy as possible. Allianz Partners is creating health services which help address people’s challenges in today’s increasingly fast-paced world. Whether those challenges are due to lack of time, or a lack of information and guidance to make the right choices for their health, our new health assistant brings together a number of digital health services to meet the needs of our customers. And with the Digital Access to Care initiative, we continue to expand our digital and telehealth services within the arenas of prevention and well-being.” –  Ida Luka-Lognoné, CEO International Health, Allianz Partners.