AGCS Singapore Partners With Microsoft to Build a Bot

AGCS Singapore has partnered with Microsoft to build a virtual assistant for first notification of loss.


Every other year, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) SE gathers feedback by surveying their customers, partners and brokers. AGCS asks a range of questions which focuses on client and broker experience throughout the entire insurance value chain, including pre-purchase, servicing, claims and renewals. AGCS uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology which is anchored on its True Customer Centricity approach to do business. NPS is a widely used measurement tool which asks survey respondents to indicate the likelihood that they would recommend or ‘promote’ a company, product or service. AGCS collects these insights to better understand what clients think about AGCS at a global and regional level. AGCS’s ultimate goal with this initiative is to solve their clients’ pain points and to provide them with a better service and value proposition.


Regionally, after assessing their recent NPS score and focusing on the response about claims, most of their clients mentioned that (1) Responsiveness of contact, (2) Clear and Transparent Communication and (3) Speed of claim payment are very important to them. As AGCS takes this survey very seriously, the Singapore team started to conceptualize ideas that would further enhance the claims experience.



To further enhance the claims experience, AGCS SE Singapore Branch wants to introduce a 24/7 claims assistant (ChatBot) that enables users (clients and brokers) to access their claim handler for a particular product, to enquire about their claim status and to notify the company of a new claim, whilst keeping their broker in the loop.


The key benefits and purpose of the Insurance Claims bot is as follows:

  • Provide customers the ability to make a claim easily using mobile devices
  • Provide customers the ability to follow the status of a claim
  • Provide customers the ability to connect with a human agent easily
  • Bot will route the claim to the appropriate claims handler based on location and line of business (LOB) of the claim
  • Provide the ability for the bot to email documentation to agents
  • Provide the ability for the bot to notify the client’s broker of the claim being placed
  • Use mobile authentication to filter out spammers placing claims
  • To provide an improved experience as opposed to filling out a form


After this ideation stage, AGCS SE Singapore Branch is building a prototype using Microsoft Bot Framework that could enhance the claims experience.