Afficiency announces partnership that will enhance employee benefit offerings

Afficiency announced its partnership with Benefitfocus to jointly develop and distribute life insurance products to working Americans.

“Buying meaningful and affordable individual life insurance coverage can be a complex proposition for most consumers, which has led to significant under-protection in America. We are delighted to partner with Benefitfocus to help change that, by tailoring life insurance for the individual employee and making it simple for them to buy instant, individually-priced and cost-effective coverage online through the Benefitfocus platform offered by their employers.” – Afficieny CEO, Mark Scafaro.

“Our affiliation with Afficiency represents an exciting new direction for our platform. We have the industry’s largest benefits product offering on a single, seamless platform that connects consumers to the best products to protect themselves and their families throughout life. Now, we are also delivering exclusive, new products that will only be available on the Benefitfocus platform, enhancing the value of our employer customer programs for the American workforce.” – Benefitfocus President & CEO, Ray August.