Bringing income protection to California mortgage borrowers

Life insurance distribution platform Afficiency and Cincinnati-based insurance conglomerate Western & Southern Financial Group are introducing a new product in partnership with Bubble Insurance .

The collaboration allows Bubble to embed IncomeSense, an income protection life insurance product developed by Afficiency and Western & Southern, alongside or after the home and mortgage purchase process. IncomeSense on Bubble is available to California borrowers with plans to expand to additional states in the near future.

By embedding IncomeSense into its native environment via Afficiency’s API, Bubble takes the friction out of applying for and purchasing income protection enabling borrowers to easily protect their family. IncomeSense is designed to be affordable and offered 100% digitally on Bubble’s online platform,, with policy decisions provided in minutes, without any medical tests.

“This partnership further reinforces our mission to help homeowners protect everything and everyone under their roof. Our goal is to catalyze access to insurance products that fit the homebuyer profile, are easy to understand, and even easier to purchase. IncomeSense fits all these criteria and is integral to our mission to help homeowners get total peace of mind.” – Avi Gupta, founder & CEO of Bubble Insurance.

IncomeSense is a declining term life insurance solution that can provide monthly income payouts to life insurance beneficiaries to cover monthly mortgage payments or replace a wage earner’s income. It is a simple, digital insurance solution that can help ensure the standard of living that a family enjoys will remain in reach, even if the unthinkable happens. For homeowners with a mortgage, it can help cover mortgage payments to ensure the family always has a home.

“Western & Southern Financial Group is focused on offering innovative and tailored products that people need most as they navigate different phases in their lives. At a time when homebuyers are making a huge life decision, IncomeSense stands out as an easy choice for life insurance.” – Ben Fotsch, Vice President of Digital Customer Acquisition at Western & Southern Financial.