ADT launches SoSecure

ADT has launched SoSecure, a personal safety app that offers crash detection and emergency response. The app is powered by Cambridge Mobile Telematics and is available for download on iOS and Android.

Crash detection alerts send the following data to trained agents: Last reported location, Time, Customer ID, Accident severity, including G-force and speed. When a crash is detected, the user will receive a pop-up notification in their SoSecure app. The pop-up message will ask if help is needed and prompt the user to either tap “Send Help” or “I’m OK.” Protection That is Tied to the User, Not the Vehicle.

“Our crash detection feature brings peace of mind and increased layers of protection to SoSecure users by offering services within moments of an accident and automatically collecting data to expedite help. Integrating Cambridge Mobile Telematics’ technology into the SoSecure app allows us to help protect users on-the-go 24/7, provides streamlined accident management, and crash response regardless of which vehicle they’re in.”

The crash detection technology is integrated within the SoSecure app and operates based on different severity tiers . When a low severity crash is detected, ADT confirms if the user is okay or needs emergency assistance as well as provides reassurance in what can be quite a traumatic experience. For severe accidents, ADT immediately reaches out to the user and alert first responders to their location.

Bottom Line: The Premium plan which includes the crash detection technology costs $8.33 a month when subscribed to an annual plan.