ZumVet expands to Hong Kong

Singapore-based pet telehealth startup ZumVet announced the launch of its platform in Hong Kong, a remote care solution offering a full suite of home-based health and wellness services for pets.

Founded in 2019, ZumVet connects pet owners with local, qualified veterinarians through video consultations and house calls. The platform also provides pet owners with access to digital medical records, and home delivery services for medication.

“While pet ownership is on the rise, yet the number of resources available to pet parents are still limited and it remains difficult for pet owners to sift through all the conflicting information that can be found online. It can be especially stressful when unexpected behaviours or conditions suddenly arise and there’s nowhere to turn to at a moment’s notice. This is why we founded ZumVet – as pet owners ourselves, we wanted to create a care solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. ZumVet looks to expand the pet healthcare ecosystem rather than compete with existing players. The common belief amongst pet owners across Asia is that vets are inaccessible, and oftentimes ineffective. As a result, most people don’t go to a vet often enough. Lack of regulatory oversight contributes to this problem and unlike human health, there are no pricing controls or strong veterinary accountability in place. What we want to do is to become the first natural touchpoint for pet owners, and use concrete data to create more cost effective and efficient treatments for common conditions.” – Athena Lee, Founder, ZumVet.

“Technology has transformed the way we consume healthcare for both humans, and for our pets, and ZumVet is at the frontier of championing change in the telehealth veterinary space. Our objective is to promote more responsible pet ownership, and are excited to bring our patient-centric solution to more countries/regions in Asia Pacific.” – COO and co-founder Dr Grace Su.